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Cinema 4D Program Documentation

Cinema 4D 项目文档

3D for the real world

真实世界的3D 效果

Our Goal is to create a powerful 3D application that meets or exceeds the wide range of expectations that
our users have and to continuously improve the performance of our products. We also want our software to be
intuitive to learn and use. These are the standards that our users have come to value.

我们的目标是创建一个强大的3D 应用程序,满足或超过广泛的期望,我们的用户,并不断提高我们的产品的性能。我们也希望我们的软件是直观的学习和使用。这些都是我们的用户所重视的标准。

Nevertheless, each software application that offers such comprehensive functionality needs good documentation
that clearly and concisely explains in detail how each setting works. This can be made available in the
application itself - or in a café, at the beach, or wherever the user needs to access this information. This
is why the Cinema 4D documentation is web-based. We hope you enjoy using the new online documentation
for Cinema 4D!

尽管如此,每个提供如此全面功能的软件应用程序都需要良好的文档,这些文档必须清楚、简洁地详细解释每个设置的工作原理。这可以在应用程序本身中提供,或者在咖啡馆、海滩,或者用户需要访问这些信息的任何地方。这就是为什么 Cinema 4D 文档是基于网络的。我们希望你喜欢使用新的在线文档为C4D!

Your Documentation Team


The Help function offers comprehensive descriptions of all functions on more than 4,000 pages - direct and
context-sensitive links to program functions. (Info).


The help can also be accessed outside of the application at

这些帮助也可以在应用程序之外的 help.maxon. net 获得。


We also recommend as a supplement to the application documentation. Here you will find a
wide range of videos that show you how to use Cinema 4D and focus on individual settings while
simultaneously offering a good overall overview of the application features.

我们也推荐 文档作为应用程序文档的补充。在这里,你会发现一个广泛的视频,告诉你如何使用Cinema 4d 和重点在个人设置,同时提供了一个良好的应用程序功能的总体概述。